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How we began........


The Southern Westchester Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc. began to take form in 2002 when Joycelyn Liles of Yonkers decided she wanted to meet other women of color who chose to postpone their careers in order to spend more time with their families.  Joycelyn contacted the National office and began scheduling meetings and publicizing the new group in Yonkers.  Unfortunately, there was very little response and the Yonkers chapter disappeared before having a chance to get started.   Several months later, Tamara Prosper learned of the Mocha Moms organization while watching the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Being new in the area and being a new mother,  she was instantly fascinated with the idea of meeting women of color who support each other in the decision to stay at home with their children.  She immediatly went to Oprah's website, then connected to the Mocha Moms National website to find out how she can get involved.



Tamara was not the only New Yorker who found this organization intriguing. She and countless other women overwhelmed Tammy Greer-Brown, the Staten Island President, and Regina Henry, the Queens President, with emails about joining the Mocha Moms.  Theirs were the only chapters in the city of New York.  Due to the awesome demand for Mocha Moms chapters, Tammy and Regina held an interest meeting in Queens.  Tamara Prosper and several mothers from the five boroughs and learned that because there were no chapters in their areas they had two options.  They were welcome to travel to Queens or Staten Island to participated with the existing groups (which were fairly new themselves) or they could begin their own chapters in their own areas.  When Tamara told Tammy she was interested in creating a chapter in Yonkers, Tammy told her about Joycelyn and the chapter that she created a few months before.  Email and telephone numbers were exchanged and in November of 2002,  six women held the first Yonkers Mocha Moms planning meeting at the Riverside Library.


At the first meeting we found that women all over Westchester were interested in the Mocha Moms group.  Due to the fact that several Moms lived north of Yonkers, the meeting location was changed to the Grinton I. Will Branch of the Yonkers Library, which boasted better parking and a more central location.  We began our life as an official chapter in January 2003. We changed from the Yonkers Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc to the Southern Westchester County Chapter of Mocha Moms, Inc. because of the tremendous growth of the group and to better represent our membership.


Today, we are the Westchester Chapter of the internationally recognized organization of the Mocha Moms, Inc. Our membership covers Westchester County and the Surrounding New York City areas.  We are stay-at-home and working moms, professionally driven mothers that serve our familys and our communitys.


Join US TODAY to learn more!

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